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Why do people use your services?

Our client list includes all types of venues, International hotels, Conventions Centres, Function Venues, Pubs Caterers and Premier Restaurant.

These venues engage our team of temp staff to:

  • cover sick staff
  • replace employees on holidays
  • staff functions requiring more than your current staff (increase business)
  • assist you meet the fluctuations in your business
  • Whether you need someone for one day, one week or one month – we can help!

Who employs the staff and pays their on costs?

The people we send out to you are either our employees or self employed contractors who work regularly with us. All on cost are included in our rates .

How can I be sure the people you send me are experienced and know what they are doing?

Our recruitment and screening process is extensive and conducted by ex hospitality managers. We will get your requirements and ensure the people we send you are competent to do your job.

How does Zenith calculate rates?

We pay our staff the State Award applicable to your venue. After we add on Super, Workers Compensation, Payroll Tax and insurances we include a margin for us.

How do I use your services?

If you are not already a client call us. If you are a current client call us or use our booking page.

I am interested in joining Zenith’s temp team. How does it work?

Zenith manage a team of Chefs, food and beverage staff and Kitchen Hands who enjoy the flexibility, variety and good income that comes with working for us.

You register with us, tell us what you can do, when you are available for work and how much work you want. We contact you with work as it becomes available and manage your work for you. Flexible, Fun, Profitable – Easy!

How much experience do I need?

Chefs : 5 years post apprenticeship experience
Wait/Bar Staff : 12 months experience
Kitchen Hands : 6 months experience

How much do I get paid?

We pay our team the State Award (or above) applicable to each venue you work in and dependant on what you are being asked to do

How much work can I expect to get?

The amount of work you will receive will be determined by: your availability, the work we have that matches with your availability, client request for you and feedback we receive about you.

We can never guarantee the amount of work you will receive – it will depend on business and you.

How do I join?

We recruit staff throughout the year at various times depending on the time of year, client requirements and business demands.

Click here to join our team

Looking for temporary chef's, bar or wait staff? We can help!